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Divorce/Separation Mediation Services
of Long Island, LTD.

600 Old Country Road
Suite 302
Garden City, New York 11530
Phone: (516) 746-0868
Fax: (516) 746-5361

Do You Feel You Can Settle Your Martial Problems
Sucessfully If You Just Had A Little Help?

Save Time. Save Money. Save Having to Go To Court.
Divorce mediation is private, confidential and inexpensive (sliding scale price schedule). Our costs are fixed fees no matter how long it takes. You always know the complete cost. Unlike other attorneys and mediation companies, we do not charge by the hour. Mediation is non-confrontational (we always say "cooperation and communication not confrontation"), no courts, judges, juries or adversarial attorneys. Mediation is also much faster than going to court.

Our practice includes our Mediation Director, Lisa Napolitano and our consulting attorneys, Warren S. Hoffman, Ilene J. Behar. Please contact us for a free consultation.