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Lisa Napoltano

lawI have been the Director of Mediation for Divorce/Separation Mediation Services of Long Island for 15 years.  It is an extremely interesting and challenging profession and I find my work very rewarding.

I grew up in Merrick where I attended both public and parochial schools.  I subsequently attended Hofstra University and obtained my B.B.A.  After working as an investment banker and later at the treasury floor at Cantor Fitzgerald at 1 WTC, I decided to return once again to Hofstra and got my M.B.A. in 1994 where I concentrated my studies on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Processes.  It was at that time that my keen interest in mediation really sparked.  I had done extensive research on the subject and created an abridged thesis on Alternative Dispute Resolution.  I saw countless benefits to using the approach of dispute resolution and thought I would like to pursue the profession. 

After much observation and instruction I began working as a mediator, however I decided to further my skills by training at Coast to Coast Mediation Center in NYC to attain my certification.  I have mediated community disputes on a volunteer basis through the Mediation Alternative Project (MAP), which is a Division of the Education and Assistance Corporation.  I was also accepted as a panel member of the American Arbitration Association where I trained broadly on various forms of ADR, including the Lemon Law.  Outside of my career as a mediator, I have widespread knowledge of real estate, financing and buyouts. 

I serve as the Chairwoman of the Merrick Kiwanis International Adopt-A-Family Program, whereby I partake in allocating funds that have been raised for needy families in local areas.  I also regularly collect canned goods at Kiwanis sponsored food drives and donate my time gift wrapping during the holiday season voluntarily to raise money for Camp Kiwanis.  I was a co-founder of Network Long Island (NLI) in which the organization sponsors a yearly “Learn to Play Golf for Charity” program – a fun and successful event that has raised tens of thousands of dollars for various charitable organizations.  In addition, I  am a minister of consolation at my local church where I help grieving families at their time of loss. 

Most important to me are my family, spirituality, and the desire to continue to learn and grow.  I love all genres of music, traveling, NYC, antiques and working around my house.  I am only recently married and am finally learning how to cook!  I especially love Cajun food and have a fondness for Corvettes and sailboats.

One of my strongest beliefs is in the power of positive thinking which, despite its inherent complexities, is something I have personally tried to proliferate to those around me because of the difference it has made in my life.


Warren S. Hoffman
I am an attorney having been admitted to practice law in 1984. I have received extensive training and certification in mediation, arbitration and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Having litigated matrimonial and family law matters for over 30 years, I absolutely believe that divorce and separation mediation is a process that saves our clients money, time, stress and preserves the parties relationship for their benefit and the benefit of their children.

I founded Divorce/Separation Mediation Services of Long Island with my partner, Ilene J. Behar more than 20 years ago to serve clients who understand the benefit of resolving their family disputes in a cost effective, quick and stress free environment.

In my personal life I am married and have two children. I have a private pilot license and enjoy flying my single engine aviation aircraft.

Ilene J. Behar

From 1984 until 1991, I was the Project Coordinator for a paralegal organization known as FOCUS (For Our Children and Us). FOCUS is a state funded paralegal agency that assists individuals in matters of child support, child support enforcement and other areas of family law. I have assisted thousands of FOCUS clients in obtaining and enforcing orders of child support.

I entered private practice in 1991 and from 1994 to the present, I have been a partner in Divorce/Separation Mediation Services of Long Island.

I continue to stay active and work for the betterment of the family in all matters concerning child support, custody, visitation, and orders of protection by participating in various public related seminars and lecturing on various topics.

I am married and have three grown children and seven grandchildren.